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The Nano Symphony has always been about sharing stories through music in the community. Prevailing challenges can hinder us from being able to continue to share live in person, but, our desire to continue connecting with our audiences has, if anything, grown.

We’ve heard it said many times how much people miss seeing and hearing us play live and we, conversely, sorely miss the irreplaceable experience of engaging with you all in real life, in real time.

Even though nothing can fully replace the magical experience of engaging with live, performed music in real time in a real community, we believe we’ve found the next best thing:

We are absolutely thrilled to have launched The Nano Symphony’s official Patreon page.







But why Patreon?

There is an unmatched way to include our closest community members in Nano’s next incredibly exciting chapter. So we are, in effect, making a double announcement here:

1) We have launched our Patreon page




2) We are currently busy at work on our debut full length album(!) of new, original compositions by us

The beauty of Patreon is not only that we can safely create, share and gain feedback from our greatest supporters directly, in real time, but that we can maintain full creative control and build up our self-sustainability. The Nano Symphony is a long-term thing for us so we want to keep it as healthy, vibrant and inclusive indefinitely.

Patreon supporters have exclusive access to content like private studio performances (virtual and, circumstances permitting, in person), unreleased performances and recordings, Patroon-only early access and discounted ticket prices as well as interviews and the opportunity to directly tell us what content you’d like more of. You will have first access to our new music releases and of course, our debut album.

You will also experience exclusive online mini recitals of classical repertoire, renditions of works we love, even requests from you and much more. As our debut album progresses you will also have the unprecedented opportunity to help shape its creation; we’ll be listening to your opinions and feedback to new material (as it’s being created) that you will have exclusive access to.

Funds from our Patreon supporters directly finances the recording process (studio equipment, production, mixing & mastering engineers etc.), touring/performing (booking venues, paying associate musicians where applicable, ticketing costs etc.) and even the more mundane realities of rent, food, energy, water and internet bills.

We want to iterate that our Patreon page is not a replacement for future live performances but instead, a seperate special way of creating a stronger connection to our supporters by welcoming you to be a fly-on-the-wall to our creative process.

It’s important for us that everyone has the opportunity to support us as living, breathing artists. Three different tiers offer three price-point opportunities to suit any budget.

No one need be left out.

You are invited to join The nano Symphony’s Patreon page - your go-to space for an oasis of sound.

We’re looking forward to sharing with you.

Catherine & Neil

The Nano Symphony

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